Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can students enroll online?
Visit the school’s website ( or QCAFI Facebook page ( for online enrollment guidelines and access the Google Form ( for online enrollment.  
If you cannot online enrollment form, please leave a direct message on our QCAFI fb page for your concerns.

2. What will be the payment process?
Since we don’t have on-site enrollment, you can deposit the tuition fee or pay online via bank transfer.
Send your payment using the details below:
Account name: Quezon City Academy Foundation, Inc.
Account number: 0006-7804-8269

3. What are the requirements for transferee students?
The following are the requirements for transferee students:

  • Original Report Card or Form 138
  • Good Moral certificate
  • 1 pc 1x1 ID picture
  • Original PSA Birth Certificate (1 copy for the school and 1 more copy if FAPE recipient)
  • FAPE Certificate (For FAPE recipients only)

4. What are the requirements to apply for FAPE scholarship?
The following are the requirements for incoming Grade 7 students:

  • Colored photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Card and Good Moral
  • 1 pc 1x1 ID picture
  • ITR
  • Certificate of No Employment (if unemployed)

*There are limited SLOTS, inquire at the Principal’s office (8927-6326) or FB page (

5. What is the enrollment process for transferees?
Visit the school’s website ( or QCAFI Facebook page ( for online enrollment guidelines and access the Google Form ( for online enrollment. 
If you cannot access the online enrollment form, please leave a direct message on our QCAFI fb page for your concerns.

6. Is there an entrance exam for transferee students?
There is NO ENTRANCE EXAMINATION for transferee students this year.

7. If I have back subjects from my former school, should I still attend to my back subject in QCA?
Yes, the student must continue his/her back subject in QCA. There will be an additional amount to the tuition due to the additional load of subject.

8. When is the deadline of online enrollment?
The deadline of enrollment is on the last week of August. Two weeks before classes start, we will be sending email to students/parents/guardians regarding the things needed for the start of class.
For other inquiries, please visit the official Facebook page of Quezon City Academy Foundation, Inc. (

9. Can transferee students avail a scholarship or a discount once they enroll?
It depends on the status of the student. If the student is already a FAPE grantee from an NCR school, then YES, he/she will be able to apply for the FAPE scholarship. For more inquiries about FAPE program, please see the FAPE scholarship info graph.

10. If I wasn't able to acquire my F138 or report card from my former school, can I still enroll in QCA?
Yes, the student can still enroll. You need to present a letter from your former school regarding the delay of the document/s.

11. What are the learning modalities QCA will implement?
QCA will implement both online (synchronous) and offline (asynchronous) learning. Students will attend a 120 - minute class per subject per day, 60 minutes is allotted for synchronous class while the remaining 60 minutes is for asynchronous learning.

12. What is the learning equipment needed by the students for online class?
Students may use either laptop, desktop, or tablet. They also need a strong internet connection, microphone, earphone or headset, and a video camera.

13. Why is it still necessary to have a camera?
This is to assure that the student is in front of the computer/gadgets and is attentively listening to the virtual discussion.

14. What are the recommended requirements for the online learning equipment?
Minimum Specifications:
Laptop or Desktop PC - Any version of the Windows Operating System (Windows 7, 8, 10) running device with at least 2GB of RAM and Intel/AMD processor.
For desktops, it must have a USB Web camera.

Laptop or Desktop with Dual (2) core processor, 8GB of RAM, SSD drive storage, Windows 10 OS

Android Tablet with OS (ver. 8.0 Oreo or ver. 9.0 Pie) with 2 or 3GB RAM

The Laptop/PC or tablet must be installed with a web browser: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser.

Minimum: DSL Internet Connection of at least 5Mbps.
Recommended: VDSL or Fiber Optic Internet Connection of at least 10Mbps

15. How can parents or guardians help their children with their online lessons if they are working?
QCA will provide an Online Orientation for Parents, Guardians, and Students. Adult supervision is still necessary for students’ learning journey. In case the learner misses a synchronous class, they may view the missed classes through recording and videos.

16. How do parents or guardians respond if the student is struggling in their classes?
The parents or guardians may set an appointment with the adviser or the subject teacher via video chat. The adviser will also set an online appointment with the parents/guardians for the purpose of monitoring the child’s performance and behavior.

17. What email address will the students use?
Once enrolled, the school will provide QCA G Suite accounts. The email accounts and passwords will be given to the students before the first day of the school year. Each student will be given a QCA email account and will be used to access Google Classroom.

18. Will the students be oriented on how to use the platforms that the school will use?
Yes.  Video Tutorials will be provided. Visit QCAFI Website and Facebook page for announcements.

19. Do you have a dry-run for the students on how to use the Google Classroom and other online platforms?
Yes. Please refer to the schedule below:
Grade 7 - August 14, 8AM to 12NN
Grade 8 to 12 - August 17-18 during their regular schedule
*Dates may change, students will be notified

20. When is the orientation for the parents, guardians, and students, especially the incoming Grade 7 and transferees?
Please wait for announcements at QCAFI Website and Official FB Page.

21. How can incoming Grade 11 students from other schools (transferees) enroll?
A. Please prepare the following requirements:

  • Report card
  • Good moral certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of voucher (for ESC Grantees)

B. Once you have the complete requirements, submit them to Registrar’s Office and pay for the tuition fee.

22. Do students need to buy physical books? Why?
Yes. This is because all our sources/topics will be found in the physical work texts and it also serves as reference books.
Several books have an ebook version; please inquire if you prefer an ebook.

23. What learning platforms will our teachers use for online teaching?
Google Classroom, Google Meet, Nearpod, Pear Deck, Microsoft Teams, Padlet

24. What will be the schedule of the students?
The opening of classes will be on September 14, 2020, for Grade 7 to Grade 12. The schedule will be posted by the section adviser

25. If the student is not present during the class, is it possible to catch up the lesson the next day?
Yes, because the lesson is being recorded with consent of the teacher.

26. How many students per online class?
Minimum students per section: 25
Maximum students per section: 40

27. Do we need a student’s manual or virtual student’s manual?
Yes, for now it’s virtual manual including the rules and regulations and guidelines in online class.

28. Are there guidelines for the students during online classes?
Yes, it is required in an online class. This will be discussed during the Virtual Orientation.

29. What are the rules and regulations in online learning?
This will be explained during virtual orientation.

30. Will the Grading System be the same?
Quezon City Academy Foundation, Inc. will still follow the DepEd Order No. 8, 2015, Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program until and unless the department issued a new order.

31. How will the learners be assessed?
The projects, performances, and products complied by the students will determine the achievement of skills and competencies. Teachers will provide formative assessments such as activities, worksheets, etc. that will help gauge the learner’s progress.

32. Why do the students still need to avail the ID?
The students still need to avail ID because this can also be used as their valid ID for any formal transaction inside and outside of the campus.

33. Do students have a uniform? What are the students’ guidelines for proper grooming?
Yes. Students will wear white polo shirt or their old QCA uniform during a synchronous class. The school still encourages the students to follow the proper haircut for boys and proper hairstyle for girls to maintain the proper grooming of our students. Wearing earrings are still strictly prohibited especially to the male students.

34. Do we still need to use notebooks? Do we still need to submit our notebooks to our teachers as a requirement?
The requirements of the students depend on the subject teacher.

35. What will be the reasons that will lead to students’ low performance?
Students will possibly get a low performance rating in a particular subject if he/she is not able to comply with all the requirements needed.

36. What plans does QCAFI have if the student experiences any of the following problems: Internet Connection, Electric Problems, and weather – related problems?
The teachers will post/give the recorded video of the class together with the lesson presentations and activities.

37. Can I still have a refund for the excess payment due to FAPE discount? What is the process?
If the student will still enroll for the incoming school year, the overpayment will be deducted from his tuition fee. But if the student will not enroll anymore for the incoming school year, the parent/guardian could inform the school's cashier so she can issue a cheque for overpayment.

38. Will there be discounts for honor students? What are the requirements?
Yes, there will be discount for honor students. For new student, please submit a valid honors certification from the former school.

39. How can I contact the teachers if I have inquiries?
The teachers will provide their contact information to the students on orientation day