Reasons for studying at QCA
Students in Quezon City Academy are well-disciplined. Moral and spiritual virtues and citizenship values are given as much emphasis as academic achievement.
Safety and Security
While in campus, the student is assured of security and safety. The high walls, security guards, student officers, communicative parents and caring teachers and employees contribute to this student security in QCA that ensures better study habits and value formation.
QCA faculty members are hired only after rigid selection. They undergo a continuing series of in-service trainings for professional growth and development. Teachers play the role of parents to the students while in school.
The Academy grants full or partial scholarships to qualified students from First to Fourth Year as follows:

Honor Graduates of Public and Private Elementary Schools
First Honor 100% free tuition
Second Honor 50% free tuition
The Alvendia Scholarships
Since 1966, QCA has been granting deserving students scholarships under the Justice Carmelino G. Alvendia scholarship program. Justice Alvendia was the first president of Quezon City Academy.

Elementary school graduates with a general average of 85% and with no grade lower than 83% can take the Alvendia scholarship test to receive any of the following grants:
Those with a test rating of 93% or higher 100% free tuition
Those with a test rating of 90% to 92% 50% free tuition
Those with a test rating of 87% to 89% 25% free tuition

Alvendia and Elementary school scholars maintaining their scholarship rating continue to qualify for the scholarship earned in the previous year.
Date of Qualifying Tests
Qualifying test for the Alvendia Scholarship grants: April 2017. Apply early for the tests.

Requirements for the Qualifying Tests:
  • Photocopy of the Grade Six pupil's Form-138 (report card) for the 3rd quarter showing an average grade of 85% with no grade lower than 83%.
  • Certification of good moral character by the grade VI adviser or the School Principal.
  • An examination fee of Php200.00
Academic Proficiency Scholarships
Elementary school first and second honors and the Justice Carmelino G. Alvendia scholars who maintain their academic proficiency will receive scholarship bonuses, as:
First Honor 100% free miscellaneous fees
Second Honor 50% free miscellaneous fees
Third Honor 25% free miscellaneous fees
Other Scholarships
Poor but deserving students can apply for the Vicente De Vera, Sr. Memorial scholarships or the Nimfa Ponayo-Inoturan grant for Seniors. These are scholarships offered by the alumni. The QCA Alumni Association grants scholarships to deserving children of QCA alumni.
The Quezon City Academy gives premium to both academic excellence and HRCCD-CECA leadership. In line with this, the Academy offers scholarship packages and recompensations to deserving students.

QCA Honor Students
First to Third Year Class honor students re-enrolling in the higher class are given tuition scholarships as follows:

First Honor 100%
Second Honor 50%
Third Honor 25%

Private Scholarships
Private persons, in or out of the QCA, offer scholarships to deserving students, like the Ponayo-Inoturan Scholarship for a poor but deserving student.